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Growing by the Grace of God in Millican, Texas since 2013

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Award Winning

2020 Texas Pecan Growers Association
Elliott (1st County, 2nd East Region, 3rd State)
Pawnee (1st County, 2nd East Region)
Kanza (2nd County)
Pecans Growing
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Orchard Stewardship & Facilities

Earth-Kind® practices, as outlined by Texas A&M AgriLife, are followed in the orchard

Certified ServSafe® Food Protection Manager supervises pecan processing facility

Pecan Varieties

Elliott, Kanza, Farley, Pawnee, Lakota, Caddo, Prilop, Apalachee, & Oconee

Order online or call 979-676-1932

Our pecans are also available at BeeWeaver in Navasota and Jet Set Chocolates in Brenham
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Family Owned & Operated · 979-676-1932