Our Story: Cotton + Cattle = Pecans

David and Margie are fifth generation Texans. David grew up on a cotton farm and Margie a cattle ranch. Although youth-filled roots were anchored in rural Fort Bend County, their professional careers packed 13 moves into over four decades of marriage. Family grown and the corporate safari nearing its end, they began the transition trek from concrete jungle back to God's green earth.

In 2007 The Lord provided the opportunity for David and Margie to buy land in Millican, Texas cradled between the Brazos and Navasota rivers which they named Camp David Reserve. The land overgrazed and neglected struggled against invasive Macartney rose, huisache, bull nettle, yaupon, wild lemon, and green briar. They spent the next six years fighting the battle of the brush.

The first sortie of pecan trees was planted in 2013 and David and Margie continued to expand the orchard over the years. And in 2021 they built a state-of-the-art cracking and shelling processing plant to complement the orchard and to assist fellow Brazos Valley producers.

Cotton and cattle prepare one for a lot in life, but not for planning, planting, and nurturing a pecan orchard. David and Margie heavily harvested information supplied by the Texas A&M AgriLife Pecan Short Course in developing their orchard strategies. The Master Plan uses Earth-Kind® varieties and practices as outlined by Texas A&M. The varieties include Elliott, Kanza, Caddo, Farley, Prilop, and Apalachee.

We wake up each morning in the orchard and thank The Lord for the day He has made and the incredible privilege to be custodians of this small kernel of His creation we call Camp David Pecans.